Congratulations to the winners of our February Community Challenge!

Community Manager



Many thanks to everyone who participated in our February Community Challenge - Network Troubleshooting Stories! Ya'll have some great stories to tell. We certainly enjoyed reading them!


Community Favorite

With 17 kudos from (non-Meraki-Employee) members of the community, @geoffbernard wins the Community Favorite prize for his stories of cable port testing finding a 350-ft cable & using the dashboard to uncover excessive Bittorrent usage by an IT director.


Congratulations, @geoffbernard! 🎉🍾🏆


Meraki Favorite

With 11 kudos from Meraki employees, @PacketHauler wins the Meraki Favorite prize! Thank you for sharing your story of using remote packet capture to troubleshoot a tricky issue.


Congratulations, @PacketHauler! 🎊🥂🏅



I'll follow up with both of you individually to confirm shipping details for your swag.


Again, thanks to everyone who shared stories and voted! 


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