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Congratulations to our February 2018 MOTMs!

Meraki Alumni (Retired)

It's that time again.... Members of the Month!


@PhilipDAth maintains his perfect 6-month-in-a-row MOTM record. Wow! Congratulations!


This month we welcome THREE new MOTMs to the club - @Adam@Uberseehandel and @geoffbernard. Thank you all for your many contributions, and congratulations!


February 2018 Meraki Community Members of the Month



122 kudos



50 kudos



46 kudos


39 kudos


Congrats, all! A small token of our appreciation, in the form of Meraki swag, will arrive at your doors shortly.


As always, thank you to EVERYONE who participated in the community in February!



Kind of a big deal

Thank you .  As always your appreciation is very kind. 

Kind of a big deal

Congrats, winners!

Kind of a big deal

Most grateful, thank you.

Kind of a big deal

Thanks, I've been trying to be more active.  This community truly helps me keep up on everything Meraki.  

Kind of a big deal

Well done guys. Unfortunately I will probably be posting less as things are getting busy for me over the next few months with a complete network redesign, full print system overhaul. I am not going to have much spare time.... If Meraki make sleeping bags one of these could be handy to have under my desk


218804143L R-1.jpg

Meraki Alumni (Retired)

@BlakeRichardson Noted! Sleeping bags may be a bit out of the community budget (except the PhotoShop version!) but perhaps a nice fleece blanket for those late nights at the office 🙂

Kind of a big deal

Sorry to hear that @BlakeRichardson, but we will al look forward to seeing you come back later.

Here to help

Now this is how you increase participation!


I tell our customers to check these community forums... 

"If you think the forums are great, you should see the products!"


A huge thanks to the entire community & Meraki team.

Kind of a big deal

an elfin person arrived bearing really useful gnomic gifts.


Many thanks, everybody, and much appreciated. I was actually considering getting something along the same lines - so the timing was brilliant . .  


Meraki Alumni (Retired)

@Uberseehandel were those really the delivery people? 😄 And is that gnome wearing a belly holster?!


You should post a picture of your swag in use!

Kind of a big deal

@CarolineS sent out some awesome swag this month, including this Aurabox.  Thanks @CarolineS I can't wait for it to finish charging so I can have a play with it.



Meraki Alumni (Retired)

@PhilipDAth is the Aurabox working? Perhaps we need a video of it in action 😉

Kind of a big deal

Actually I only just took it off the charger this morning.  The app to control it is giving me a bit of grief, but the reset works well.  I need to sit down and spend an hour.  I'll do a video towards the end of the week.

Kind of a big deal

@CarolineS @PhilipDAth Here are some pics.  Took me a little fuddling to get it working with the app.  While it may have a Meraki logo on it is certainly isn't merakified lol 😉



Meraki Alumni (Retired)

So glad you got it working, @Adam! Sorry it wasn't a Meraki-awesome experience though!!

Kind of a big deal

You've inspired me to have another go @Adam.  Perhaps todays project.

Meraki Alumni (Retired)

@Adam @PhilipDAth I just tried the Aurabox myself and also had some challenges. I can get it to pair with my phone via Bluetooth, but the app isn't picking it up. What did you have to do to finally get it to work, @Adam? (I've also contacted the company via Twitter, since I can't find their email address).


I hope I can get it to work because it would be a nice digital companion for the Gnome on my desk!



Kind of a big deal

I'm embarrassed to say I never got it working.  I have put it to one side on my desk with the thought I need to invest some more time in it.  Perhaps with another couple of hours of time I can get it working.

Meraki Alumni (Retired)

@PhilipDAth it may just not be the best product ever... but do let me know if you figure it out!

Kind of a big deal

We just need @Adam to tell us the secret.

Kind of a big deal

You guys are correct, the vendor support was non existent.  I found a solution from a different bluetooth device in an obscure forum. 


First make sure you download the right app.  You'll want the 'Divoom Smart' app.  Icon looks like this in the app store.



Then with your bluetooth already on and connected to the speaker go ahead and open the app.  You can click skip when the app brings you to a login screen.  When you are on the device list page swipe up on your phone and turn off bluetooth.  Give it a couple of seconds then swipe up and turn it back on.  Do all this while the app is still open on that device list screen.  You may have to do it once or twice before the app recognizes the bluetooth devices and connects.  After that I've had had a problem with it detecting in the app.  

Meraki Alumni (Retired)

@Adam — WOOHOO! I GOT IT!! I had the wrong app, for starters (how dare I install the app called "Divoom Aurabox" for my Aurabox :-)). And your hint about turning on and off bluetooth a couple times while in the app was key.


(view in My Videos)



Bee.JPGIt's a clock.... and a picture of a bee..

IMG_1494.JPGMy bear & gnome now have a digital companion


Happy Friday, everyone!

Kind of a big deal

I also had the wrong app installed!

Kind of a big deal

I had the wrong app installed as well initially.  The one you guys installed was the one referenced in the directions but it is older.  

Meraki Alumni (Retired)

I have a few more of these to give away, but I'll be sure to make a cheat sheet to send along with them! It's pretty nifty once you get it working...

Kind of a big deal

I have mine working now too thanks.  Now I have the right app installed it was much easier.  I didn't do anything.  I just went into the app, sipped the authentication, and it worked!  No flipping bluetooth on/off or any mucking around.

Kind of a big deal

I got mine working, but, it is presently on the naughty step because it hi-jacked my telephone calls, and I couldn't hear them, neither calling nor receiving. The volume control isn't sufficiently granular. I tried it as a bedside radio, same problem. The sound quality was better than I expected. Probably the app needs tweaking to allow for better control of volume and light levels. Its in the nearly good category and I can see where having a bag full of them could be very handy for kids (gnomes) parties.


I got it working with an app called Timebox ..... so who knows

Kind of a big deal

I use Android, and in the bluetooth pairing settings you can say what to use it for. I deselected the call option.  I only left "Music" selected, so the only audio that will go it will be music.


I moved mine to my Wife's side of the bed, so it is quieter now.

Kind of a big deal

@PhilipDAth wrote:

I moved mine to my Wife's side of the bed, so it is quieter now.



I hope you aren't expecting much for breakfast . . . Robot Mad