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Congratulations to our June Members of the Month

Community Manager

Congratulations to our June 2018 Members of the Month! For the first time, we're incorporating Solutions Authored into the MOTM calculations  and they count DOUBLE. See this post for more info. And now, without further ado....


June 2018 Meraki Community Members of the Month


104 kudos

14 solutions


76 kudos

12 solutions


77 kudos

5 solutions


30 kudos

2 solutions


For the 10th straight month, @PhilipDAth leads the pack — congratulations, Philip! We also welcome @jdsilva to the MOTM club  we're so glad you joined us. Congratulations also to @Adam and @Mr_IT_Guy for repeat MOTM appearances.


As always, thank you to everyone who participated in June, especially our many First Post Month first-time posters!


Ok, ya'll, I'm on vacation, so I'm keeping this one short. To those of you in the US, have a great Fourth of July!


A model citizen

Congrats to all the MOTMs and thanks for everyone who contributes on a daily basis.


Enjoy your vacation @CarolineS!

Kind of a big deal

Thanks everyone and welcome @jdsilva, I've appreciated a lot of the contributions you've made.

Kind of a big deal

Thanks @CarolineS for the recognition.

Kind of a big deal


Thanks @CarolineS! It was a fun month actually contributing instead of just lurking, like I have been since last year. There's some smart people hanging out here and it's humbling to be ranked among them, even if it's just one month. 


Thanks @Adam! That's very nice of you to say that. You're clearly no slouch yourself, and I've enjoyed reading your insight into a lot of the problems raised here. Now... What do you say you and I team up and dethrone @PhilipDAth ? 😉



Kind of a big deal

@jdsilva well, to team up one of you would have to stop participating - or you could form a kudo team - were you constantly kudo each other - or I would have to get really sick again - or the hard way, where you actually earn the kudo's.  🙂


I just checked your profile, and it appears you have had more Kudo's from me than any other person.  Ditto for @Adam🙂


Kind of a big deal

ps. I'm hoping to make it to 12 months as leader, and then I can hibernate for a while.

Kind of a big deal

@PhilipDAth While it's crazy you have a 10 month streak going on, you certainly put the work in and earn it. My comment was purely meant in fun 🙂

If anyone does dethrone you I sincerely hope it's because they also put in the work and earn it.


You and @CarolineS were totally responsible for a huge pile of my kudos, I know I got a lot for some gratuitous Cisco Live posts as opposed to putting up actual content, or solving problems. I did also notice that you kudo'd me a lot. That was very admirable as I thought it shows you're not concerned about someone with good posts taking the spotlight away from you. You seem to be quite happy to give credit where credit is due. That's good sportsmanship, and my hat goes off to you.

Community Manager

No hibernating @PhilipDAth!! 

Kind of a big deal

Wahoo, my loot arrived yesterday.  Thanks @CarolineS and everyone else who gave out all the Kudo's and Solutions.



Kind of a big deal

I got mine today too! I didn't realize the MotM's got stuff. I never read that thread before... That was a pleasant surprise this morning 🙂


Thanks as well to everyone who kudo'd and solutioned my posts! And thanks to @CarolineS for all the work on the forums! 

Community Manager

@jdsilva - yes, MOTMs get some fun swag every month. Some of you are amassing some impressive collections!!

Kind of a big deal

Cheers 🙂