Community Update: Solutions, Solutions, Solutions!

Community Manager

Based on the community input in this thread, we have made solution authorship more prominent — and more rewarded!


But first, what's a solution? It's a reply that solves the original poster's problem or question. Each discussion thread here in the community can have one reply marked as the "Solution." This thread then gets marked with a checkmark and the solution is displayed directly after the initial post, as shown in the screenshot below.Display of the "Accepted Solution"Display of the "Accepted Solution"


Solutions are very valuable here, as they help folks who stumble across the thread later to quickly find the solution rather than reading through all of the replies. We want to encourage (a) the writing of replies that could be construed as the solution and (b) marking of solutions, so....


(1) We have added Solutions Leaderboards!Top Solution AuthorsTop Solution Authors

These now display below the Kudos leaderboards on the community home page, the Product & Technology Discussions category page, and individual product boards (e.g. Security / SD-WAN).


(2) We will be incorporating Solutions Authored into MOTM calculations, starting with the June MOTMs. Instead of simply counting kudos, we will use the formula: (2*Solutions Authored)+(Kudos Count). Solutions are both more difficult to obtain and more valuable to the community than kudos, so they count double!


(3) We encourage you, our active posters, to solicit solutions by replying with comments such as "If my reply solved your issue, please mark it as a solution."


We hope this change will encourage even more quality content, and even more threads-marked-as-solved here in the Community.


I'd love to hear your thoughts on this change in the comments below. Also, if you'd like to learn more about Solutions, or have questions about them, take a look at this: About Solutions.