Community update: Our new avatars are out of this world!

Community Manager

A new set of space-themed community avatars has (ahem) launched!



Avatars, also known as profile pictures, are the images that show up on your community profile and next to any posts you make. These new avatars better reflect the “subtle space theme” here on the Meraki Community, and, well, we just like them a lot more than the old default ones.


New community members will be assigned one of these avatars at random. You can, of course, replace the one we select for you with your own image. We've also replaced all of the old default avatars; if you hadn’t yet set up a custom avatar, you now have a space-themed one instead of, say, a monster, some green peppers, or a few piano keys.


If you miss your old avatar, do let me know (via a private message here in the community) and I’d be happy to restore it.


Big kudos (and maybe some swag!) to the first person who can tell me (in a comment on this blog post) two other places where the Community’s “subtle space theme” is visible.




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