[CONTEST CLOSED] Wi-Fi 6: tell us your hopes and dreams!

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UPDATE: Thanks everyone for your submissions! Our two randomly selected winners are: @Franzman and @nbentsendk. Congratulations!


With the arrival of the next generation of Wi-Fi comes a whole host of new possibilities for your network. You can check @davidvan’s recent blog post for just a few examples!


So, whether it’s the ability to significantly increase the density of clients per network or having the confidence to invite all of those clients to stream Netflix with abandon, we want to know — what are you most excited/hopeful for with the launch of Wi-Fi 6?


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Tell us your Wi-Fi 6 hopes and dreams in a comment on this blog post before 12:00pm PST on Monday (June 3).


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We'll select two entries at random to win a Cisco Meraki Glass Water Bottle.




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We already know the 2.5 devices per person in an office environment are wirelessly connected. In the workplace, between office cubicles, conference rooms, labs, warehouse floors, etc., people and their devices are mobile; not to mention all of those IoT devices. We need a stable and flexible infrastructure capable of securely supporting all of the different simultaneous connections.


Could we finally have a serious conversation about reducing the "cable to the desktop" connections?


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Internet connected thru cables to our devices always have been our preferred connection, but the comfort and versatility of the Wifi is what still make it alive.  My dream of the Wifi 6 is a reliable connection as a Ethernet.

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I am excited for 8x8:8 using only 802.3at POE. In our higher density environments, I feel it will make the product and experience 10x better. Smoother and more reliable with better stability. 


I hope that MU-MIMO is realy kicking in with several half-duplex (because it stil is wifi) sessions at the same time boosting troughput and realiability of the streams.

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Looking to increase our dense with each user now bringing multiple devices. Users are interested in extending their Battery life on their device while in meeting and such.

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AI driven, real time signal strength changes to optimize data throughput


I'm looking forward to the next generation of students glowing in the dark from all of the radio waves we are inundating them with. 


Ok, I'm also looking forward to the reduced structured cabling requirements. Yes you will need faster switches with mGig, Yes you will need a faster fiber backbone between your IDF's and your MDF but drop the port counts, however you will get to reduce the number of physical cables you will have to pay have installed.

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Looking forward to better stability and better performance with high client loads.
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Increase the end user's through put to 1gb bidirectional and maximizing coverage area and reduce the number of APs deployment

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Offering new and better solution for our custumers.

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Hoping the Airtime Efficiency can make a difference. But most of all I dream that client computers and devices will support Wi-Fi 6. And this is a great video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V5qLv0BtBcM&feature=youtu.be

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More and more flexible management futures and TAGs functionality will be imazing add to the next generation of Wi-Fi




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I just hope it surprises me and generates solutions to a field so required and important WiFiI just hope it surprises me and generates solutions to a field so required and important WiFi
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WiFi 6 pickup sticks!


I just enjoy not having to remember the old naming conventions of Wi-Fi i.e 802.11xx and simplifying with version numbers at the end!

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For me, security is my biggest concern. My understanding is that the Wi-Fi Alliance is requiring Wi-Fi 6 devices to include the WPA3 security protocol. Considering its been something like 14 years of WPA2, a lifetime for a security protocol, updated security is a good thing.

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Looking forward to better and more secure access across devices when we have larger numbers of people in a conference room for depositions and better hand-offs when they break for side-meetings during bargaining or mediation.

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We are increasing looking at wireless-only in our offices to support users, This goes a long way in designing these deployments.

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I am looking forward to seeing how much TWT will benefit client battery life.

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I hope for a great implementation of all the promised features.

Better, faster, stronger.. WPA3 with encrypted Guest networks and so on. 


But most important, i hope a lot of clients will be able to use it and I can implement a lot of new MRs for my customers!

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Everyone is announcing that Wi-Fi 6 is Four times the system capacity of Wi-Fi 5, four times the concurrent access, and 60 percent lower transmission latency
Fast speeds in Busy Networks

Increased capacity, efficiency and lower latency with an orthogonal frequency division multiple access (OFDMA) uplink and downlink digital modulation scheme, allowing one transmission to deliver data to multiple devices at once - to support higher numbers of users and devices

Improved Battery life / Lower battery consumption
Strong / Better security - Mandatory WPA3

-Excited to see all these features...

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fast, non-stop, easy to configure and manage as meraki devices


I'm really hoping speed, better battery life, and smarter channel management is all the that shines with Wifi 6.  


My greatest wish about WiFi 6 is the possibility to see Meraki do its magic one more time, taking the best of this new technology and make it better with intelligence and control.


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Better performance in dense areas, for instance on university campuses or schools. 

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Congratulations to our contest winners, @Franzman and @nbentsendk!👏👏👏🎉