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[CONTEST CLOSED] A Guest Community Challenge!

Kind of a big deal

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UPDATE: this challenge has ended. Thanks to everyone who submitted their ideas! Our randomly selected winners are: @SeaTec and @r_timmons. Congrats! 



Blake here, giving this month’s Community Challenge!


Here’s the scenario: you’ve been hired by Meraki to develop new features within the dashboard. What features would you add or adjust first?  These can be anything from how the dashboard interacts with Meraki hardware to 3rd party services such as Apple VPP / DEP or even just the admin side of the dashboard i.e. users, licensing or inventory. The cloud’s the limit!


How to enter

Describe a feature or features in the dashboard that you would take in your own direction in a comment on this post before 11 a.m. PST on Friday, December 13th, 2019. Comments will be public throughout the contest.


How to win

There will be two winners for this challenge. Once the submission period ends, we will randomly select 2 winners from all of the respondents. Winners will receive one of these Osprey Ultralight Stuff Packs!






Terms & conditions

  • Limit one entry per community member.
  • Submission period: Tuesday, December 10th, 2019 at 11am PST through Friday, December 13th, 2019 at 10:59am PST
  • Prize will be a selection of Meraki swag with value not exceeding USD 50.00
  • Official terms, conditions, and eligibility information
Kind of a big deal

Hah! Nice. I'm going to stay away from VPN client and IPv6. It's getting old.


How about a built in survey mode showing something like the location heatmap but with estimations of the coverage based on the signal seen from the other access points.


Or something like Cisco's path trace. Love that concept too.



A model citizen

Real Time Syslog data and Hardware data points.


The ability to see what is going through my appliances without the need for 3rd party software would be really helpful. Also hardware information like up-time and  real-time CPU utilization.

Kind of a big deal

Meraki support engineer's have the ability to see a column in the AP list view, called 'UPTIME'.  I want to be able to see that also. Basically that and maybe some other sort of 'event view' stating loud and clear that AP-XYZ rebooted or lost power at X time frame on Y date. I really hate that we don't have any visibility into this and I have to rely on syslog for the port the AP is connected to, in order to see if the port went up/down.


I also want alerting for WAN2, not just WAN1


Kind of a big deal

Nice idea!


Aside from wishing we had an SSL client vpn:


  1. More DH groups for site to site tunnels under IKEv1.
  2. Let me set the encryption/hash settings for my client VPN myself. I don't care if they're preset packs so long as I've got an easy toggle with AES-something and a higher DH group... that Windows and Mac OS support.
  3. Let me toggle NAT-T on my site to site tunnels myself.
  4. Accurate CDP/LLDP neighbor info for MX on the dashboard!
  5. Change the colors on uplink status with WAN1 and WAN2, so it's no longer Lighter Blue and Darker Blue. This is hard to differentiate for everyone on my 4 person team, and at least two of us have good color acuity. 
  6. I would like a puppy. Thank you.
Comes here often

Comparative Analytics!


Compare a site with another site, compare KPI values with peers in your network, and compare the APs in network heatmaps to spot trends and gain insights.



Head in the Cloud

First: an undo button


Second: a multi VLAN bridging between MR accesspoints.



Here to help

I will appreciate it if Cisco gives me the ability to limit the encryption domains my MX is advertising to Non-Meraki Peers

Topology History! I wish the topology page kept a snapshot of what the topology looked like yesterday, last week and last month. I often find myself looking at the topology screen when there's a problem and am not sure if I'm looking at the current topology, or the last good topology just before things broke, or some hybrid. If I could quickly refer to yesterday's or last week's topology that would be excellent. Even better, if the page could highlight what recently changed in the topology (and also what devices have an entry in the change log based on another time slider) - I think it would really help reduce the time to resolution for outages.
Comes here often

I'd like advanced features of the MX BGP. And to run BGP, the MX has to be in one-arm mode, which has a lot of limitations. Some improvement of that would be great!

Getting noticed

1. Add basic support for Windows 10 devices in Systems manager, for example password/pincode enforcement.

2. Fix OpenID connect integration and add SAML as authentication option for WiFi and MDM enrollment.

3. Add CRL (Certificate Revokation List) feature to Systems Manager and expose it via API.

Here to help

a small panel visible on any page on the dashboard (and dismissable) with key issues and vulnerabilities/offline devices that you can click on and go straight to a specific location to fix


Like an MX device that hasn't reported in a few hours

or an MR device that's offline

Here to help

A global Admin User interface for MSPs and anyone who has the ability to see multiple Meraki Organizations. 


If, as an admin for my company, I hire a new engineer or tech, I cannot globally assign them access to all of our customer networks (more than 60 orgs at this time).  The same goes for losing employees, we have to visit all of the Orgs to remove them.  I do understand this can be done through the API, however, it should really be available in the web UI. 


Better integrations and more info for the syslog servers.

Logs to include users and data for Microsoft 365 Cloud App Security. Meraki - URLs log log format does not contain the following data attributes:

  • Username
  • Number of bytes per transaction
  • Number of uploaded bytes per transaction

Because of this, these attributes will not be available in Cloud Discovery data.


Creating a reporting engine with the option for custom reports and better export options. CSV is great, but for a quick report PDF would be easier.


Topology History would be nice. even if it only showed the last 1 or 2 topology changes for a given network and the date time they changed.

Here to help

I'm with KRobert. I would like the ability to see real time hardware statistics in the dashboard without having to go through the API. It's handy to be able to see if a device(s) is getting near a certain threshold of hardware utilization at any given point in time.


MV - it would be great in camera list to:

a) Have a small thumb besides each camera name 




b) Be able to hover over camera same and see a thumbnail be displayed. 

b) would be the best. When you have a good number of cameras in a single network, sorting through them to find a specific view is not ideal. 


a searchable list of known bugs (not just a summary of items against the release notes for a particular device family)

Also an indication of whether the issue is actively being researched by developers.

Comes here often

Similar to the 365 admin portal, I would like to see a feature that customizes the portal for individual clients. Branding such as a wallpaper background and a place for their logo. In cases where there are multiple admins touching into multiple clients it would be a good visual reminder of who’s portal you’re working in. 

Getting noticed

I would like to know to SPAN traffic to a specific VLAN because when you are trying to analize traffic from one VLAN you have to analize all traffic from all you preconfigured VLANs.



Here to help

This is really nice initiative.


- Currently when the MX replacement is made it doesnt download same config as old.. Like it doesnt add TAG, Address and Cellular APN name automatically in the New Device.

- Also, we would love to see detail syslog during the time when Meraki Device stops communicating with the Cloud.

- Adding VLAN tagging from the dashboard rather then changing from Local Status Page.