CMNA? CMNO? Introducing new profile badges to show off your networking chops!

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Meraki’s Training & Evangelism team is pleased to announce that Meraki certifications are now visible on Community profiles: 

CMNA Badge.pngCertified Meraki Networking Associate badge CMNO Badge.pngCertified Meraki Network Operator badge


Here’s an example: @Mike_Rapp is a CMNO (and he was also an early member of the community, so he has the Founding Member badge as well):


Profile with CMNO badgeProfile with CMNO badge


I’d like to get one of these badges!

Super! Here's more information about our training programs:

  • CMNO – The Certified Meraki Network Operator certification is a full day commitment for IT professionals with CCNA (or equivalent) networking knowledge.
  • CMNA – The Certified Meraki Networking Associate certification is a one-day lab certification course covering Meraki full-stack configuration and positioning. CMNA is offered exclusively for pre-sales engineers working for qualified Meraki partners.


Hey, I’m a CMNA / CMNO, but I don’t see a badge on my profile.

Uh-oh! There are three likely causes for this:

  1. You just signed up for the community. It can take up to 5 business days after signing up before your badge appears.
  2. You just took the CMNA or CMNO course. It can take up to 5 business days after completing the course before your badge appears.
  3. The email address you used for CMNA or CMNO isn’t the same as your community email address. In this case, please email us at and we'll sort you out!


Can I show my badge on my LinkedIn profile?

You can show your certification in the Accomplishments > Certifications section of your LinkedIn profile. Instructions.


What other badges are there?

Take a look at the master list of community badges.



Thanks to all of our CMNAs and CMNOs for sharing your expertise with others here on the Community!



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