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Announcing the winners of the Meraki Pub Quiz!

Community Manager

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The first ever live Meraki Community pub quizzes were a hit!🎉 We had over 60 participants across 3 regions on Friday and we're so thrilled that all of you took the time to join us. Huge thanks to our 3 All-Star quizmasters (especially to @UCcert for suggesting this idea!).


Congratulations to our quiz winners who proved themselves superior to ALL in their knowledge of Meraki:

@viking@RichardOldeman@REsteban@Pigati@mark_brown@antonis_sp@Kamome@Marcel@BrechtSchamp, and @LuisGutierrez.          


All who participated will receive their Pub Quiz badges in the next 24 hours. After this time, if you haven't received your badge and you attended one of the pub quiz events, please reach out to

Comes here often

Congratulations to the winners! This was an enjoyable event!

Head in the Cloud

Yes that was a fun event. I think it should run at least once a year.

(I thought my team would get some bonus points for me wearing the Meraki DevNet Express T-Shirt; but no one noticed it ... 😪 😉 )

Kind of a big deal

Well done all.  And special thanks to @MeredithW for organising the event.  It went very smoothly especially all the back office stuff that the participants didnt see.


@KarstenI - I did spot the T-Shirt. Was this from the Barcelona event earlier in the year? Was a good weekend.

Head in the Cloud

@UCcert Yes, it was Barcelona. And I just spotted you on the group photo. 🙂

Kind of a big deal

@KarstenI - The weekend was information overload and quite intense (was my first time dipping my toe into coding).  Was a good laugh for me and my colleague though.

Kind of a big deal

Congrats, everyone. It's been loads of fun!


I also hope this will take place (at least) once a year! 🙂

Building a reputation

Congratulations to the winners! It was a fun event =D.

Sadly that our group of 4 ended in a group of 2 during the event.


I'm still curious about one question (I'm not fighting the results, I just want to know "the truth" =D)

"How many meraki offices do exist and name them for extra points?"

The answer was 6 (and I forgot the names).

However -> "Global offices in 7 countries"

And then the job offers for meraki (I'm just listing the offers with a specific city):

  1. San Francisco
  2. San Jose
  3. Austin
  4. Chicago
  5. Tokyo
  6. London
  7. Sydney
  8. Mexico City
  9. Brisbane


Kind of a big deal

Good job everyone!!! Thank you @UCcert for such a fun idea. 🤓