Community Challenge: The Pub Quiz

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UPDATE: The first ever live Meraki Community pub quizzes were a hit!🎉 We had over 60 participants across 3 regions on Friday and we're so thrilled that all of you took the time to join us. Huge thanks to our 3 All-Star quizmasters (especially to @DarrenOC for suggesting this idea!).


Congratulations to our quiz winners who proved themselves superior to ALL in their knowledge of Meraki:

@viking@RichardOldeman@REsteban@Pigati@mark_brown@antonis_sp@Kamome@Marcel@BrechtSchamp, and @LuisGutierrez.          


All who participated will receive their Pub Quiz badges in the next 24 hours. After this time, if you haven't received your badge and you attended one of the pub quiz events, please reach out to



This month’s challenge is our very first live Pub Quiz, brought to you by the Meraki All-Stars! They will be your quizmasters for the events, which will be held regionally:



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October 30th, 4-5pm Chatham Daylight Time, hosted by @PhilipDAth

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October 30th, 4-5pm Greenwich Mean Time, hosted by @DarrenOC

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October 30th 4-5pm Eastern Daylight Time, hosted by @kYutobi


Participants will be randomly placed into virtual teams of 4, on which you’ll work together to answer Meraki-themed trivia questions over 5 rounds. In each region, the team with the most points at the end of the 5th round will receive an MT sensor of their choosing for each member!


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ALL who participate will be awarded the official Meraki Pub Quiz 2020 badge:





How to participate


If you’d like join in on the fun, you can sign up via the form for your region below:


ANZ/Pacific-based event


Europe-based event


Americas-based event


We will be hosting these events via Webex Meetings, so before next Friday, you’ll need to download the “Webex Meetings” app. 


Once you are registered for your region’s event, I’ll send you a calendar invite via the email you registered with containing a link to the Webex event. You will use this the day of to access the live pub quiz. You’ll also find a list of instructions for creating or joining a Webex space to collaborate with your team if you so choose, and helpful tips to ensure a smooth experience.


We can’t wait to put your inQUIZitive minds to the test! 🤔 🍻


 Spots are limited, so sign up today!


Fine Print: