New badges! Continuing the first birthday celebration 🏆 🎂

Community Manager

Last week, we celebrated the Meraki Community's first birthday. This week, we're continuing the party by launching a new set of badges - Year 1 Awards



Year 1 MVP

Awarded for a truly phenomenal level of contribution during our inaugural year. Thank you, Philip!


Year 1 "Regular"

These community members just keep coming back! They each posted in 8 or more of the community's first 12 months. Thanks for sticking with us and helping to shape the community from our early days! 


Year 1 "Kudoser"

This award goes to the 24 wonderfully encouraging folks who gave the most kudos during 20 our first year. Thank you for encouraging our members with your kudos!


Year 1 MVM

Congratulations to our 10 Most Valuable Merakians (as measured by number of posts during our first year). Thank you for your contributions!



Congratulations to all! We hope you enjoy your new profile flair. 

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