AP loses connection to Cloud frequently - how to troubleshoot

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AP loses connection to Cloud frequently - how to troubleshoot

We have 21 MS and 43 MR devices. Occasionally but frequently and with no pattern, an AP will lose connection to the Cloud. It usually comes back online within 2 minutes. I opened a case but we haven't been able to reproduce or troubleshoot and was told there is nothing in the log that provides a clue as to why.


How can I best troubleshoot this?

It's not a loss of internet or power.


Below is an example:

1 access point on the St. Bonaventure - wireless network has become unreachable from the Meraki cloud.
SBS-AP-143 xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx 04:25 PM EST on Feb 8


1 access point on the St. Bonaventure - wireless network regained contact with the Meraki cloud.
SBS-AP-143 xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx 04:31 PM EST on Feb 8

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I have the same exact issue.  This has occurred since we just upgraded to the 28.5 firmware.  We experience no lose of internet connectivity or power to the device.  The device itself doesn't appear to be going down... of course these connection errors are random and many have happened after hours and of course I was not looking at the AP.


I have also submitted a case to Meraki.  I am hoping a bug in the firmware? 


To add to this our outage report happend on the same day around the same time.  Did you happen to get one yesterday as well?

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Just to add to this topic, we are experiencing the same thing as the others have reported.  We have a combination Meraki  MS and MRs.   The MS switches and older MRs (33, 34) do not have any issues.  Only the newer MR44 and MR46 APs running the 28.5 firmware have the random 2-4 minute loss of communication to the cloud.   We have started a case with support as well.


Did Meraki support have anything to say? I am facing a similar issue but with MR56s.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Have you tried 28.6?  It fixes a lot of other issues...


Hey Pat - Having the same issue here.  Didn't update firmware however our MR46 AP's will exhibit the 2-4 minute loss of cloud connectivity.


I've also opened a case with support but was told its a known issue and haven't received any update since.

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We started facing this issue after upgrading the MR56, MR53 and MR86 Meraki AP's to 28.5 firmware. 

We have 150 AP's in one site and 180 AP's in another site. We did an upgrade as per Meraki supports recommendation and started seeing this issue.

There is no loss in POE or uptime of the device. Meraki support has a feature to verify the uptime, who confirmed AP's are up for over weeks.

We have a ticket opened with Meraki support almost a month ago. They don't have a solution at the moment and wanted us to do a packet capture on the upstream devices. It was the dumbest idea, as the issue is sporadic.

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Also experiencing this issue with our APs 28.6.1 did not fix the issue for us.  

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We are having this issue, has anyone found a resolution to it?

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