Collect all three CLUS 2023 badges!

Community Manager

We’re thrilled to share 3 shiny new badges you can earn throughout the week of Cisco Live! Even if you aren’t attending the event in-person, you can still get 2 of these badges for virtual participation. 


First, everyone who joins the CLUS 2023 Meraki Lounge as a group member will receive the Meraki Community badge:

Meraki-Community-Badge-CLUS 2023.png


Second, anyone who completes one of the Meraki Learning research activities as part of our contest will receive the Meraki Learning Tester badge:



Third, folks who attend either of the Meraki Walk-in Labs during Cisco Live in person will receive the Meraki Walk-in Lab badge:



We’ll apply the badges to your account automatically in the weeks following Cisco Live, so expect to see them sometime after June 15th.

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Like it...see you at CLUS 2023 Meraki Lounge! Who is also at CLUS?

Meraki Employee

I'll see you there @rwiesmann, it will fun to connect in person!

Kind of a big deal

Can't wait to board the plane tomorrow!

(I try to express my excitement in my Avatar)

Meraki Employee

@rwiesmann our US trainers will be there too (including myself) possibly doing small demos but also focused on the Meraki Walk-in Labs 😁

Here to help

Can't wait, I did all 3!