New Go Community look & feel, coming soon

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We are pleased to announce that, starting next week, the Meraki Go Community will have a new look! This will bring the community in line with the new design for the Meraki Community (Learn more: New community look & feel, coming soon! ) and also the Meraki dashboard.

Here’s a quick preview! This is a screenshot from our testing site, so apologies for the randomly generated thread titles. 🙂

Updated look and feel on the Meraki Go Community home pageUpdated look and feel on the Meraki Go Community home page


We can’t wait to hear what you think about this once it launches!

ALSO - we will have about 1 hour of downtime for this launch; it is currently planned for Monday, April 1, starting at 2pm Pacific.


P.S. No, there isn’t Dark Mode. I know you’ll ask. We will be working on that soon!


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I like the design and this gives me a bit of hope that the product line isn’t dead.


When will there be an announcement on replacements for the EOL switches and other hardware?

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I was excited to see this too but also would like to see info about new hardware announcements! There are quite a few people curious about what is going on with the Meraki Go line in this conversation here:


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New look & feel is live!

Apologies that I don't have answers regarding new hardware, but I've reached out to the Go team for input.