setup a mr24 for home network use without a license

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setup a mr24 for home network use without a license

can anyone tell if there is a setting i can make so  I can use this as a standalone personal access point in my home and not need the network license?

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Sorry bud, gotta have a license.

Thanks everyone for all the imput..was afraid of that but had to try. I can use it as a door stop.


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@lmhogan  it is clear that all meraki devices need licenses for them to forward traffic to and from the cloud 

you can actually use your MR at home as standalone as long you have the license for it 

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As said earlier you need a license.  If you work for a partner then ask for licensing that you won't be reselling.  Might get  a price break.

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As others mentioned, the answer is: No.


BUT, I suggest you to attend any kind of Meraki event around your area. Meraki use to give away free APs with 1yr licenses on those events (roadshows, trade fairs).

Not a long time ago you also could qualify for a free AP by attending a webinar. Dunno if that's still the case...

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