one website does not open without applying any policy.

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one website does not open without applying any policy.

I am not able to open our website. In layer 7 policy. We have only block gaming sites only.

Any help!!!

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Kind of a big deal

Is that a Layer 7 policy on the Firewall rules, or a Content Filtering policy?

What happens if you whitelist a client and try and access it from that client?

Try removing the rule temporarily and see if you can access the site.


If it’s a Content Filtering rule then Meraki uses Bright Cloud for their URL categories, go to and put the URL in the lookup on that page to see how it’s being classified.

Thank you..Is there is any solution to know which rule blocks that website.

Kind of a big deal

If you use this website,, then you can lookup your website to see what category it is classed as, and so what content filtering categories will likely be blocking it.


For firewall rules the only way to see what is going on with them is if you have logging enabled and a syslog server configured.

Thank you. I will try this and if i face any problem regarding this i will contact you here.😊

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