iPadOS 14 and 27.3

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iPadOS 14 and 27.3



I know both are in “beta” but where does the bug lie to report? My SSID is using WPA2/WPA3 transition mode. 



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Kind of a big deal

Why do you think there is a bug?  I am no expert, but I understand WPA2 TKIP to be compromised. I thought KRACK was the end of WPA2 being considered very secure. It seems the warning would be valid especially when WPA3 is an option. 

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

You should be using AES instead of TKIP. That's why.



How do I set that?




AES is used by default:



If not, you should get in touch with Meraki support as mentioned on that page.

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This is surely an iOS bug. I don't think WPA TKIP / WPA2 / WPA3 is even a legal transition mode. I don't see any sign that 27.3 is broadcasting a network like that -- might be worth packet capturing a few beacons.

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Looks like this has been fixed by 27.4. No updates on the iPad or Meraki dashboard except upgrading the firmware and the message/warning has been removed. 

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