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Wireless Site Survey

Just completed a wireless site survey using a MR36. Just wanted to post as I had to find the docs to do it but you can set the AP to Survey mode via its' on web page. Put the AP on a ladder with a PoE injector and moved it around and used Netspot to perform the survey.

We almost had to use a generator because there was not much power available at the site (new buildings).


Anyway just wanted to post if someone else needs to do this - worked great! 

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Great tip!  I've done something similar with a home-made battery back-pack.  It wasn't Meraki, but if you know how many volts and amps you need DC, it can be done.

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Hey, i know this is an old post but hoping you are still active here. Were you using netspot for windows or mac? I’m guessing the ap for the survey needs to stay up when moving site to site or can it be unplugged and plugged back in? 

Hi Josh, still here lol.


I kept it running and I use a MAC. I'm sure you can start-stop the survey but we were walking @ 10 different buildings all fairly close together, so I just kept it running on the laptop.


I hope this helps.

This is awesome! I have Netspot and I use a mac as my primary computer as well, so this is very promising. I’m still new to the whole IT world, so I’m learning every day, but why is using the meraki built in heat map better than using the wifi adapter on the mac? 

This is used for several reasons, to find optimum placement for the AP's in Challenging environments, as well as getting a count to show the customer why they are buying them and the coverage they provide. Also this is before the customer even purchases, so getting the placement correct is important; heat maps don't take into account structures, glass, obstructions, etc.

Oh, I see. In my case, I got a quote for a heat map that was a bit over $10k for a single floor 180k sq ft manufacturing facility. The high cost is what got me looking into doing it myself.

I have 15 APs total, 6 MR76s, 4, MR42s, and the rest are MR44s. The MR 76s and MR44’s are new additions so i’m targeting to enhance my network coverage, specifically the 2.4 band and there are some the de-authorization messages in the logs and Meraki is suggesting a map. 

When you do the map, do you do zones for a single area or do you do the entire area after you upload the map? 120k sq ft is the production floor so its mostly an open area, so I was doing it as one zone. 


I do like NetSpot and how simple it is, and the Meraki heat map setting is pretty neat, so any tips would be hugely appreciated. 

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Meraki Employee

Looks like this topic is in the wrong forum, moving forward WIFI based concerns and questions should go into the Wireless LAN community.

Moved it! Thanks, @javalins!

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