Upgrade one only AP in Meraki Dashboard

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Upgrade one only AP in Meraki Dashboard

Hi there,


I'm planning to upgrade a set of APs for a customer. These APs are model MR42 and they're currently in production, so customer and I agreed to upgrade one only AP by first in order to analyze its behavior and later proceed to a maintenance window for all the other APs.


I've read in another thread that this is possible by moving the AP I want to upgrade to another testing network, and then, proceed to the upgrade on that testing network. Currently my APs are in version 25.13 and Dashboard shows there is an upgrade available, so I moved one AP to a new test network I created, but when I check the AP in the new network, I find the AP is in version 25.14 and not 25.13, so it looks like it was already upgraded, even if I just moved it between networks.


What should I do here? Does the new network applies the new firmware version automatically or should I proceed with another step?

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

I'm guessing you created a new network, so it would have created it with whatever is the current stable firmware.  I'm guessing if you copied the network instead it would have retained the version info.


Yo can go to Organization/Firmware Upgrades and upgrade individual networks at a time.

Hi Philip,


Effectively, I just created a new network destined for upgrades, and this network is a clone of my existing production network. The configurations are the same but the firmware is 25.14 in the new network, while the original network where all my other AP reside in, has a 25.13 firmware version.


I was considering to upgrade all the original network (we have only one network), but as our customer is a production plant, and because ISP bandwidth is pretty low for 20 APs to download firmware at the same time, I discarded that idea.

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Drop a ticket with support, they can, and do, apply whatever version of firmware you need to a network upon request.  I just got them to apply 24.12 to a test network where I'm having issues with later firmware and a particular vendor's nic/antenna

Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

Hey there, Connor here from Meraki Support.

Support *can* upgrade one AP if you're encountering, for example, an issue that is fixed in a particular version of MR firmware. We typically advise instead to place the MR in a separate network, as when support *pins* a device to a specific firmware version, you can't upgrade it yourself so you'll need to email/call in again, which makes quickly testing/upgrading a little cumbersome if it's during the day and there is a wait time.

You can clone a network's configuration as Philip pointed out, which means it'll broadcast the same SSID etc. Once you've created the new network, go to Organisation > Firmware Upgrades and only select the temporary network for te upgrade.

Kind regards,


Connor Loughlin
Network Support Engineer

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For reference, many questions can be easily answered by searching our online documentation: http://documentation.meraki.com
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