The right antenna for outdoor access points

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The right antenna for outdoor access points

Good morning to everybody.

We have to implement a Wi-Fi infrastructure in a manufacturing plant (an historic brewery), covering production departments, warehouses and squares.

Barcode readers and similar devices are used in stationary and moving applications.

Based on the experience gained, what are the most suitable antennas for outdoor access points dedicated to open spaces like squares, etc.?

Thanks in advance.



PS: We are likely to propose MR76 and MR36/44 access points. What do you think about?



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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

I'd consider something like a patch antenna. 


You put it on a wall, and the vast majority of the signal radiates forward (so you don't waste signal going back into the wall or building).

Here to help

Many thanks, @PhilipDAth . You're the greatest 😃. Have a nice day.

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It depends, sometimes an omnidirectional antenna can be a good choice. if the wall "behind" the antenna is not too thick, for example, a hall behind it can get basic coverage. 
it always depends, but Phil is right, patch always works 🙂

That's right, @MK2 .

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