Target power dbm

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Target power dbm

Hi all, could you please share what "Target power dbm" you use in your enviroment?


I'm using 7-21 on both indoor / outdoor profile. Is it set to high? I can see that some of the AP is maxing at 21 and other is running in lower transmit power.




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For indoor profiles we run 7-14 on 2.4GHz and 10-17 for 5GHz. 


I see you have a few APs running MESH, those could justify running higher power on 5GHz to improve throughput.  


Outdoor profiles depend on the use case and whether or not MESH is required.

And the outdoor profile?

Getting noticed

If there is no MESH needed for outdoor, we run 7-17 for both 2.4 and 5GHz.  If there are MESH APs, we run 10-21 on 5GHz and only broadcast client SSIDs on 2.4.

Indoor, on the 2.4Ghz we're much lower, works fine (4 - 10), but on 5Ghz near the same 👍

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