Syslog messages for Role "Flow"

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Syslog messages for Role "Flow"


I enabled the syslog server in my network to collect flows from my MX device. The intention is to log all traffic processed by deny Layer 3 firewall rule. It works fine but I've noticed that lot's of flows are sent by my MR devices to my syslog server as well. Is there any way to prevent my Wireless Devices from sending enormous flows traffic to my syslog server? 


Any ideas? Thanks for help. 

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Meraki Employee

Kanar, the flows role contains both he MX and MR security related flows and there is not currently a way to separate them out. I would "Make a Wish" in Dashboard to add a feature request for this.
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The only other solution to this would be to seperate the Network into a MR and MX network individually (Not combined) and only setup syslog on the MX network? 

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