SSID pane -> Enable VLAN tagging on network with one VLAN?

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SSID pane -> Enable VLAN tagging on network with one VLAN?



I know this is not suggested, but I am doing a residential installation where my client is going to just have one VLAN set to VLAN 1. 


In the SSID settings, there is a dropdown for "Use VLAN Tagging". I have another installation where that dropdown is simply set to "Dont use VLAN tagging" and everything works fine. Again, one VLAN set to VLAN 1. 


My question is - is it functionally equivalent to say "Dont use VLAN Tagging" or "Use VLAN Tagging" and then set it to 1?

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

In case the ap connect a switchport set to trunk with native and allowed  vlan 1.

Then yes.


Maybe not all switch  vendors like it this way.

I would still use "dont use vlan tagging" only for the native vlan or when the ap is connected  to a access port.


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