Authentication issue on AP

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Authentication issue on AP

Hello all, 

I’m using an MR42 as my Gateway at my home. Both MR33 and MR18 are working in mesh topology. I observed that in MR33 my iPad and some other clients had issues connecting to MR33. See the issues below.


I guess in this way, all clients are trying to reach MR42, even if the MR33 or MR18 is closer. 
Software version is 27.7.1 for MR42/MR33 and 26.8.2 for MR18… unfortunately, MR18 is quite old and I’m afraid there is a limitation. 

Thank you ! 

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

That's saying the PSK presented was wrong.  If all the APs are in the same network then I'm surprised they can connect to any of the APs.

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