SSID Availability on specific AP

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SSID Availability on specific AP

How can you control or schedule the SSID availability on specify MR APs? You can for all tagged APs under SSID availability however, it applies to all those tagged APs.

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you will need to add a tag to the APs that you want a specific SSID to be broadcast on then you set the SSID to only broadcast on APs that have that tag, this is the only way that I know of doing it.

Frank Kelly

Create a TAG, change the SSID Availability to use TAGS only, and it will only show up on the AP's that have the tags.

In addition you can schedule it also to enable/disable the SSID
Nolan Herring |

Thank you Nolan

Correct  i think this will work

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Create a TAG for AP under Wireless > Access Points (Only on the Access Points that you need to enable the SSID)


Go to Wireless > SSID Availability, Enable Per-AP Availability and select the TAG that you created.   

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One thing to watch out for here is the 15 SSID limit. Have run into the situation in hotels and shared offices where the expectation was that there is an infinite amount of SSID's that can be broadcast according to tagging. You are still limited to 15 SSID's per network.

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Good point @JimmyPhelan !!

I didn't remember the limit .. Nice to refresh!! 👍

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