Repeaters Issue for MR30H, MR42, MR53

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Repeaters Issue for MR30H, MR42, MR53

Hi Team,


May i ask why my AP's are acting as repeaters even though i had a cable plugged into the AP's and are on DHCP Pool?

AP Status.JPG


I have provided a screenshot on this case.


May i ask your expertise once again to help clarify this issue.


Thank you.


NOTE: I have 24 AP's that were acting as repeaters. The total number of AP's on the Organization is 459 AP's.



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Kind of a big deal

I would suspect a cable issue off the top of my head.


Can you give a little more background?  Do you know when they last worked as gateways if known?


Have you done any troubleshooting so far?  I would look at the switch ports those MR's are connected to and if available do a cable test and check statistics and settings.


Are all MR's POE or may they have external power supply?

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Hi Brandon,


Thank you for your response.


I'm having an uplink (Access Switch) which is MS350-48FP, all of it were PoE ports. Sadly, they never became a gateway. When we registered the devices and activated them through the license, they already acted as repeaters.



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There is a cable test function you can run on your MS switch.  I would try that for a few of these ports to see what result you get.


It is possible you have some faulty units.  Since they have never worked the next steps would be some basic troubleshooting like moving them to known working port and trying a factory default.  It would be a bit unusual to have that many faulty, but support should replace them quickly if you can demonstrate they do not work.


The quickest test I can think of would be to swap a working MR with one of these in repeater mode and see if the trouble follows the MR or the cable and switch port.  



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Thanks Brandon for the help, appreciated it.


I'm running a test now on the ports. I'll give a feedback as soon as i finished the test.


Thanks again.


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I like @NolanHerring 's theory better than my cable issue idea now 😉


Let us know what you discover.  I am curious.


Good luck.

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Kind of a big deal

Are those 24 access points in repeater mode by chance on the same switch?

Most likely they are not able to access the internet via their Ethernet connection because the switch, or port configurations, are not allowing. So their backup is to use Repeater mode and MESH to backhaul.
Nolan Herring |

Hi Nolan, 


Upon checking the Topology that Meraki was giving, the AP's were on different switches. I have a total of 22 MS350-48FP working as access switch and a MS425-32 as my core switch.


Thank you Nolan.

Getting noticed

May i also ask, Is the Meraki topology accurate?


Thanks everyone.

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