Poor Signal on MR32

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Poor Signal on MR32

We have an AP in our environment that seems to need to be constantly rebooted, otherwise clients associated on the AP has a very poor connection.  Even when a client disables their NIC and reconnects while in the area of the AP, it has a very poor connection.  When the AP is rebooted, the clients have a strong signal strength, but after a day or two, any associated client has a very weak connection. Has this happened to anyone before?  I understand we may just be better off replacing the AP, as it does not happen with our other APs (we have just over 180).  I would say 1 out of 180 is pretty good, if you tell me.   Has this happened with anyone else?APPoorClientSignal.PNG

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I'd probably start with firmware. What version are you running? Move up to 25.x if you're not there already.


Failing that, this is a question for support. I'd get them to look at it. 

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As @jdsilva mentioned open a case with support might be something with AP itself.


We're running 25.9 at this site.  Will definitely open a case with TAC.  I did disable a SSID we don't use, I know it's always a good rule of thumb to not broadcast more than 3 SSIDs on a wireless network.  Thanks!

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Looks like something is wrong with the radios. I would just open a case to RMA. It happens from time to time.
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Kind of a big deal

@KaylaEik Are there any devices nearby that could be causing interference? What are the power settings on the AP as well? 


Reaching out to support is definitely a good idea as well as I believe they have access to logging which isn't presented in the dashboard.

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Shot in the dark but @vassallon suggestion actually came up for one of our customers; they had some 'different' security monitoring equipment that, when the alarm's scheduled night mode came on, would make the nearby APs act up very strangely. I don't know the details; it wasn't my ticket.

I know the nearby APs adjusted power settings to max every night and didn't seem to recalibrate them after the security equipment was shut down in the mornings. And client signal was worse in the mornings but got better with a reboot.

This was 2-3 years ago so maybe firmware updates would have made a difference since then. And support definitely has access to information that can't be viewed in the dashboard; I have wishes entered to get more of that into the event logging.

I know there is interference present in our organization (as we are a hospital with a bunch of equipment that does not play nicely with wireless).  We just started recently having an issue with this AP, so it makes me wonder if it's just the hardware itself.  

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@KaylaEik If this is new behavior, I would definitely look to see what may have been added in the area recently as a new source of interference.


If you have a spare AP, replacing it would be an option to quickly rule out if it a hardware issue. 


I would also advise moving to the most current firmware available for your APs as I believe you said your on 25.9 and the current release should be 25.13.

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Long shot.  Is this AP near anything that could sink or reflect a lot of RF?  Examples are water, wire mesh, tinted windows, metal with lots of edges or points, etc?


In desperation, would it be possible to re-locate the AP a couple of meters away from where it is now, even with just a patch lead for 24 hours?

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