Piper Button Beacons

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Piper Button Beacons

Hi, I have Piper BLE beacons in hand. It appears we cannot at this time see them from a heatmap without 3rd party vendor software. From my understanding, we should be able to see it in the list of Bluetooth beacons. I don't see the beacon in the list. On the button, it shows a:
"Major" 4 digit number
"Minor" 4 digit number

-Not a MAC


I see nothing in the manufacturing list that shows, "Piper."


Has anyone done this by just using the common Meraki platform to tray tracking with a beacon thus an asset? The map would be nice, but the list would work okay.




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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Once you have bluetooth enabled you should see it.  You don't need to assign a major/minor number for your application.



How often do you beacons emit a "blip"?  If it is only 10 minutes you'll need to wait a while.

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