Per-SSID VLAN Tagging

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Per-SSID VLAN Tagging



I'm having some trouble figuring out exactly how this feature behaves, I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction. I would like to Tag one set of AP's but leave the rest untagged..


Currently I have VLAN tagging turned off on all of my AP's.


I would like to have certain AP's Tag their clients in a VLAN, but keep all the other AP's still throwing untagged traffic onto the network. I'm not sure this is achievable?


I have to specify a VLAN for every AP if i turn tagging on as below.


I'm trying to avoid interrupting work, I don't want to create VLAN's for each group of AP's unless I have to..








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If you want a group of APs to use a particular VLAN for their clients then you simply choose Add VLAN and add their tags and the VLAN you want .

Every other AP will continue to use the value specified in the "All other APs" boxSpecify client VLAN.PNG

Hi cta102, thanks for the reply!


Sorry my post maybe was very clear. What I'm hoping to achieve is to have 'all other AP's stay as they are no vlan ID no tagging. 

I would like to get  some of my AP's tagged with a vlan id but keep the others as they are with no tagging... Im not swure if this is possible..





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Tagging tends to be an all or nothing tagging situation.

Though I would be interested in checking if the native VLAN traffic gets a tag assigned.

I vaguely remember an some confusion from years ago where the native vlan traffic simply didn't get tags and was allowed to continue on it's merry way, but I can't remember which manufacturer it was (probably HP or DELL but that could be my dislike of their network kit)

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@cta102 The AP's don't tag their management traffic if the VLAN box is left blank on the AP LAN IP config (MS switches do from what I've seen). 

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Hi Kegan,


This is my understanding.
Basically this feature enables "SSID-wide single VLAN tagging" / "Per-AP multiple VLAN tagging".

An ideal scenario could be as the document suggests to assign different VLANs to devices on the basis of their location. However SSID remains same.
Yes, when we enable this feature we also need to specify a default VLAN for rest of the APs.


To throw untagged traffic I believe we need to disable this feature.


Hi Ajit,


Thanks for the reply! That confirms it I guess, I was just hoping to avoid setting up the required VLAN's on my Procurve infrastructure.

Kind of a big deal

You might be able to get away with setting the "All other AP's" to VLAN 1 or 0. Give it a try in a test network. 




I did wonder about this, I think ill setup a test environment.


I will make so I let you all know how it goes.

The other option would be enable tagging on the switch port the AP is plugged into rather than the access point itself. Although depending on your setup this might not work as well. 

In the end I've opted for Leaving the AP without any tagging and using my Switches to get traffic to their respective Subnet's.


Thanks for the help everyone!

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