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Meraki Topology Dashboard

Hello, I recently found the Meraki topology page in the dashboard but I have a question. The Core switch that the L2 - Link Layer expands from is not my core switch. It's a standard layer 2 switch in an IDF but not the switch all others connect back to.


All of the switches are blue diamonds telling me at least the CDP information is pulling correctly, as they were red before I allowed CDP.


So, what metric is the dashboard using to determine the "root/core" switch the tree starts from?

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Kind of a big deal

Have a look at this document, The topology uses LLDP (and CDP when available), but I believe it also uses other factors too, for instance, the port it’s using to reach the Meraki Dashboard and STP.


Based on the reference you may be better off with just using LLDP in the environment. If your network is only a couple of Meraki devices and a lot of third party devices then it may not accurately show the topology due to LLDP not being passed across multiple hops (and thus the Dashboard never really learning how things are truely connected).

Thanks for the reply! I'll dig into this more and see if I can get it all straightened out.

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