Meraki AP POE Issue

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Meraki AP POE Issue

I am getting the following error on 3 of my MR-45 APs....They are all plugged into the same Cisco 9300 switch....

Error: Device is not recommended to be used with PoE (802.3af) and performance cannot be guaranteed. Please connect AP to PoE+ (802.3at) power source. I have a lot of other APs just like this plugged in the 9300 and working very well.


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The MR45s require 802.3at as the required power can be up to 18w, please see


Running them on 802.3af (15.4w max) is essentially underpowering the devices depending on current load. 

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

@Kevin31 all 9300s that supply power are either PoE+ or UPoE


@Dennb10 it could be one of a few things please try the APs that show low power on a direct connection to the switch, if this works then test/repair/replace the patch cables and structured cabling.  If the cable has too high a resistance the power may not be getting through.  If the AP is no better connected directly to the switch try a different port, if still no better a different switch.  Also make sure that you aren't using more power than the switch can deliver, a 48 port switch full of PoE+ devices can be supplying 1000W or more and depending on the PSUs in the 9300 this may or may not be achievable.

Kind of a big deal

@Dennb10  What IOS-XE version is running on the Catalyst? Are all the other APs that are working all MR45s and are the other Catalysts running the same IOS-XE version? Are there any messages related to PoE in the Catalyst event log? I think you're probably better off troubleshooting this from the Catalyst side. I know there have been bugs in IOS-XE where the LLDP power negotiation doesn't work correctly with some devices.

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