Logout as a user from a Cisco Meraki network-auth.com hotspot

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Logout as a user from a Cisco Meraki network-auth.com hotspot



the landlord in my appartement uses Cisco Meraki for the internet hotspot.


Is there a URL from which I as a user can logout my session so I don't have internet access until I login again with my login details?


Or is it possible for the landlord to provide this feature?

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

I'm not aware of any URL you can use yourself to logout.


Its difficult to say for sure because there are so many ways of setting up guest access.  For example if a Meraki hosted splash page is being used then the administrator can revoke access.



Kind of a big deal

It's difficult to say as @PhilipDAth explained because we don't know how you're authenticating and if it is a splash page he can revoke you. 

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It seems is not possible. I need to setup some public workstation in my library where many people can turn on.


I wrote to meraki support and they said meraki does not provide a way to logoff the user excluding forcing the logoff from administrator dashboard. That's crazy, I think.


I use my radius server authentication methond passing trough the meraki splash screen.


I tried to change the workstation mac address but seems does not works and for the splash screen timeout time there's no way to use the workstation with different user. When the first user login the couple user/device rest logged.


It is indeed possible to logout a user from splash.


If you use "Sign-on with SMS Authentication", you can only do this via dashboard.

If you use "Click-through", this is network-auth.com, you can revoke a client via API.


Screenshot 2020-05-07 at 10.06.08.png


Let me know if you need help implementing this. 



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