July Systems / Meraki and BLE Location Analytics

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July Systems / Meraki and BLE Location Analytics

Hey All,


Long time Meraki user - first time poster.


Considering the new acquisition of July Systems, myself and my team would love to know if Meraki's BLE will be used for locating customers on a floor-plan.


As many of you may have experiences, triangulation solely by RSSI is dependant on many factors; environment, noise, building materials, even locations that have multi-story can be a challenge. 

BLE is the answer to this considering it's accuracy. We've had a play around with some low cost beacons and iPhone apps and the accuracy from just a single unit it outstanding, we'd love to see what would happen with Multiple Meraki's using this data to help location data.


My question is, will July Systems be implementing the BLE data to help pin-point the location of the customer? 



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 Hi! Have a look at this:




It will give you an idea of what is possible.

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Since it has now has officially been announced I can answer that yes, the July Systems technology will be a part of the new DNA Spaces.

I have had a chance to play around with it and it looks pretty slick.

You can find more info here:



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