Info: Issues changing Radius Servers values while in new look 'DesignSystem'

Getting noticed

Info: Issues changing Radius Servers values while in new look 'DesignSystem'

This is just a notice in case anyone else has the same issue while they have the Early Access Program feature of 'Dsign System' switched on.

If you try to add a RADIUS Server to a 802.1x SSID and then save your changes, you may receive the following message/alert about Open Roaming certificate not found:


After a bit of trouble shooting, while trying to make the same changes on different networks and different SSIDs I regularly got the same message/alert (But not always, at least I don't think it always did)

The solution was to switch to the old version view, by clicking on the link in the top right of the screen:


Once I switched back to the old version of the view, I could make all the radius server changes I wanted to without the messge/alert.

Anyway, just wanted to make people aware in case they came across this.



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Does anyone have the same problem when using the dashboard api? I Suddenly get this error message without changing anything in our configuration files: 


"RADIUS server: Open Roaming certificate not found","RADIUS server: Open Roaming certificate not found"


Just had the same issue! Could not make changes regarding Radius. Once i switched back to old version it worked just fine.

New here

Any update?

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Getting noticed

No update sorry, I never raised a call tbh and haven't checked to see if it's sorted yet. I'll try to do that later this week and get back to you.

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