HP 1102w not connecting to network

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HP 1102w not connecting to network

We have a small fleet (8) of HP 1102W Laser Printers which have been running on our network (MX-64 and MR-34) until recently (4-8 weeks ago). These printers get little use now a days so timing is unclear, but none work, while other devices like laptops, connect with no issue.


Our main subnet is 192.168.1.X and our Wireless subnet is 192.168.20.X. IPs are fixed on the printers.


We have not knowingly made any network changes, but there was an update around this time. I am not sure if these stopped working before or after this update, though I think it may have been before.


I have not yet attempted to reconfigure\reinstall the printers. As all are impacted, but other devices can still connect to the SSID, I was wondering if there may be some security protocol that changed in an update or otherwise on the LAN that crashed ALL the printers.

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

What version are you running? 


Have you tried downloading the version?


I suggest you to open a support case.

I am not a Cisco Meraki employee. My suggestions are based on documentation of Meraki best practices and day-to-day experience.

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MX-64 -Current version: MX 18.107

MR-34AP - Current version: MR 26.8.3, apparently there is an update.


Is there a way to get a list of updates applied to the device?


There has not been new firmware for the printers in years.


Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Can you manually reconnect the device to the wifi? I have always found wireless printing unreliable and the cheap network printers then many vendors sell are not great products IMO.

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