Extension cable for MA-ANT-20

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Extension cable for MA-ANT-20



I'm looking for an extension cable for the MA-ANT-20 antenna. I can't find anything in documentation.


Any ideas?


Thanks in advance.




EDIT: Would AIR-CAB005LL-N= work with MR76?

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Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

Meraki doesn't make any RF cables, but that Cisco part should work as it has N-type connectors.

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I found AIR-CAB005LL-N but it seems to be male on both end, hence I won't be able to connect it to the antenna. Any chance you could propose a cable I can use? I need to separate the antennas from the AP by just over 1m (3ft).

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Tessco sells 3' TWS-240 NM to NF cables. List price is $33.12 each.



These should do what you are needing.



Thanks this looks good. Only problem is that I'm working on a WLAN design for large telco in UK and they are allowed to buy hardware only from "pre-checked" vendors... One of them is Cisco but so far I'm unable to find 5ft long cable on their website.

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