Freeradius, IPSK and Database


Freeradius, IPSK and Database

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I am looking for a way to use IPSK authentication with a Freeradius server and a database that stores the allowed mac addresses. Is there anyone already have installed something like that?


I am thinking about something like:

The psk is the same for all users. If the MAC address is in the database table the radius server should authorise the client and assign vlan X. If the MAC address is not in the table but the psk is correct vlan Y should be assigned.


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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

You could return the same psk for each user or group.
You will also need to make a DEFAULT section as described in the meraki document to allow for unknown mac addresses.
In the reply for the known users you can override the VLAN.

I found a reference how to make user groups on


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