Connected but no Internet

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Connected but no Internet



Several of our users are unable to access the internet when connecting to one of the SSIDs. I increased the DHCP scope a few weeks ago and there a plenty of leases left. I can't explain why this is happening. I'm clutching at straws at the moment - we have about 15 more people in the office than we had last week so in my mind it must be because of this.

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated!



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Kind of a big deal

So some users on the ssid can connect and others can't?

Kind of a big deal

I would confirm each AP is working correctly, you'll need to check each port that every AP is connected to, in order to confirm each port is correctly configured. Its possible one port doesn't have a VLAN allowed or something strange like that, which would be preventing 'some' clients from working and other not.

Take a peek at the wireless health tab, do you see anything there standing out?
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Kind of a big deal

Check the change log. Check DNS settings on the client/DHCP scope and getting applied correctly. Check L3 rules blocking by IP range than possibly need to be increased when you increased the DHCP scope.


Hello GJ1,


I'm having this issue today for SSIDs that are on bridge mode, but my GUEST network that is using NAT mode, it's ok.


Also, I'm having this issue only for Android devices.


A capture using logcat indicates that the Android devices are setting a wrong DNS ip address.



Try to capture on the Meraki dashboard a .pcap file from a device with issues and see if it has dns requests without responses.


Then try to capture the requests on your dns server and look if the requests came in.


In my case, the dns requests take about 5 minutes to came in and then the device can connect.

Ok after some captures I detected the exact same issue bellow





Apologies for the delay. Thanks a lot for the responses - I will have a look at the suggestions, though no further complaints.

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