Connect openVPN via Ethernet - is this bridging?

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Connect openVPN via Ethernet - is this bridging?

Greetings all,

So I have a network at my girlfriends office on which we want to set up a raspberryPi VPN server. I have the server pretty much set up; it's working on my home network. I understand that when I move the server I'll have to change the WAN address, which interface it's using etc but this is the basic idea.

Currently their office shares a wireless router with the business next door. They have given us the admin password to the router to make any port forwarding changes I need to make etc. Her windows PC receives the connection wirelessly and so will the raspberryPi. Do I need to purchase a switch to put between the RBP and the PC? Or can I plug the RBP in via ethernet to the PC? The reason I want ethernet is that I'd like to be able to enable wake-on-LAN.

Thanks for the help and ideas!

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

If the ethernet port on the Pi is set as the LAN then the PC should be simply able to plug into it, pretty much every ethernet port does auto X-over these days, so you shouldn't need a switch.

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