Cloud Monitoring for Catalyst Wireless start date

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Cloud Monitoring for Catalyst Wireless start date


when does cisco want to release the cloud monitoring for cat 9800? Do you know what the limitation will be? Will the virtual 9800 be supported?

thank you

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

As far as I'm aware that's not on the public roadmap.

I suggest asking your Cisco Rep as they will have a better idea of the internal roadmap - especially if it will impact your purchasing decision.

Head in the Cloud

CL will not be supported to begin with, something with certificates and so on, but I did hear that eventually (at some point down the road it will be).


Regarding limitations, at this point, it is monitoring only, so you get everything that you would usually see in a Meraki solution.

Like clients, Application (if you have advantage licenses on your 9800 *auch*, that's a tough one), and you even see "realtime" radio information from the APs (no spectrum though), and the AP performance graphs.


You also see information about the WLC itself. CPU load, throughput, and so on.

There is also some eventlog information from the APs (but I don't think it really tells much at the moment).


There is no, as such, troubleshooting tools, and that is what I feel is missing the most.


At this point, still very early, it is a nice monitoring tool 🙂 - And I'm perfectly happy with that 🙂


When will it be public ? who knows.... My guess, and this is 100% me guessing with no information about anything only based on previous "experience" , if it was "launched" at this (around) Cisco Live EU, It will most likely be public at Cisco Live US, or the next Cisco Live EU 🙂

Oh some of it is public I see :

Good info from the Cisco / Meraki wireless team 🙂


There is also this, where the whole process is nicely explained (showed).


Getting noticed

so now just wait for the availability for vmware version of WLC 🙂

Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

Hi Folks!!! Just following up that we are officially launched to public beta.  Check out how to onboard your C9800-L, C9800-40 and C9800-80 WLCs here: Cloud Monitoring for Catalyst


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