Can we use the same subnet for Switch and MR AP management

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Can we use the same subnet for Switch and MR AP management



Can someone please update if we can use same subnet(example for Switch and Meraki AP.


On switch we will creating management VLAN SVI and assign the IP address however AP connected to the Switchs we want Dynamic IP from the same Pool ( After doing this do we have any limitation or issue.


Any suggestion 


Thanks in advance. 

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Some time you may stay a quick time for have the good result , The vérification Meraki is not  instantaneous 

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

In general that will work fine. This is also what I do quite often.

Another approach is to terminate the VLAN on the firewall to have more control who can communicate with the management-VLAN.



Im using the same solution but few AP's  is not getting dynamic IP address. Can you suggest if i can put static IP address in Ap with Local Access and use it

It's better to find out why the AP does not get a dynamic address. Most of my APs use dynamic dresses with a reservation on the DHCP-server. That should work. Have you captured on the connected switchport if you see DHCP-packets? Have you tried factory-resetting the AP?



Does it work if i give static IP to the AP..


I can see that 2 AP got same IP address now and one of then is down(both get same IP address and one AP is up and second one is down how i can t-shoot further.


Also is dere anyway we can release the AP IP address to force it to get new IP address

Yes, you can set the AP to a static IP. But I would consider this a workaround that will not solve your initial problem. Have you double-checked that the APs are in the correct VLAN?

Ok thanks


I dere any way i can capture the traffic on Switch port for the DHCP request is forwarded to AP or not.



If it is a Meraki switch, it is build into the dashboard. If it is something else, there is likely the possibility that you can mirror the traffic to a port with a Wireshark-PC.

Hi ,


Is there anyway i can check the IP address and gateway AP got if its not connected to the Internet.


Can logging to the AP locally and see DHCP enable however not able to fine the IP address and gateway AP has taken

you can use the AP to capture traffic on it's wired port to see if there are DHCP requests going out and responses to it's DHCP request.


i tis under network wide /monitor / packet capture




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