Air Marshall - Rogue SSID´s

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Air Marshall - Rogue SSID´s

Hi All,


Recently I got some Rogue SSIDs on Air Marshall portal.

For my surprise the Rogue SSIDs are from local machines, the users are known.
Someone can help with this alarm?



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Getting noticed

They look like Ad-hoc networks for printers, projectors, and such. Did you add them to the Whitelist in Air Marshall?

Kind of a big deal

I agree with @JimL . Those look like printers to me. 


Either disable the ad-hoc SSID for direct printing, or whitelist them in Air Marhsall. 

Hi @JimL @jdsilva ,


Thank´s for your answer.


The users listed aren´t printers.
Could be wifi Direct configured on those users (laptops)?


Thank you!



Hi @BrechtSchamp ,


thank you for your e-mail, it´s make sense.

I´ll follow this instruction, and give you a feedback as soon as i can.


thank you




Solved!! thank you very much

Is there a way to use a wild card for a whitlist?

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