Air Marshal claims Meraki Setup as rogue SSID

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Air Marshal claims Meraki Setup as rogue SSID

Have a location with a total of 8 MR33 access points.

2 SSIDs broadcasting

all other SSIDs disabled.  - 2 of those are "older" SSIDs and no longer used.

Set to "Block Clients from connecting to rogue SSIDs by default"

Air Marshal continues to show "Meraki Setup" as a Rogue SSID.


I have read that the "default" SSID is Meraki Setup for these devices IF they do not have a config from the cloud controller.

All devices have a configuration and firmware 27.5.1.


Anyone else experience this issue? Attempting to better understand why Air Marshal is stating the default SSID is a rogue SSID.

Any advice or direction is appreciated!



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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Its not good they broadcast Meraki Setup. I would say reboot all APs. But in your case just upgrade to 27.6 if possible

Kind of a big deal

For how long have you seen this?  It sounds like something that if you ignore and look in a couple days may resolve itself the next time scans complete and data refreshes, etc.

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Well you don't want to see any Meraki setup SSID's broadcasting anyway since that means something is botched up 😉

Just don't contain that SSID 😜

Here to help

It is possible that Air Marshall is showing historical data, you can verify it by simply peeking in to the Last seen column under Air Marshall ==> Rogue SSIDs.


FYI. It is expected behavior that meraki setup SSID to be flagged as Rogue SSID as it is not advertised ny an AP which belongs to ur Network or organization. Meraki Setup SSID is advertised by APs which are not added to any network. 

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