APs using different organisation switches

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APs using different organisation switches

I have this situation where I have 2 organisations (OrgA, OrgB).


Org A has MX, switches and multiple APs


Org B has 2 APs - connected to one of OrgA switches


I recently made configuration changes so that all the APs have the same SSID/passwords configured.


Clients are connecting across all the AP's that connect to the OrgB APs get served DHCP addresses from the OrgA configuration without any problems. The Dashboard shows the two organisations and their respective devices, configurations, etc


The customer has noticed that their Chromecasting now works poorly since the SSID were configured to be the same.


I guess I will ultimately advise the customer to move the OrgB devices onto OrgA, however my question then is what does the data flows look like between the APs in different Orgs?





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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

The organisational assignment is only for management. The data flow is based on the local connectivity. But certain features are implemented only *inside* the Organization. For example you don't have any radio resource management between OrgA and OrgB, no fast roaming and also you Bonjour forwarding could be impacted.

The only clean way is to move all APs into one Org and inside the old into one network.

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What is the behavior you desire?


You can easily tunnel one or all SSIDS in Org B back to the MX in Org A 

the Chromecasts must be in the same VLAN as the client trying to cast.   you can enable bonjour between the differing subnets under the MX firewall.. Create a rule with the service VLAN(s) of the Chromecasts to the Client VLAN(s) for all services then create reciprocal rule.. like this:




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