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Farm Property



I have a 5-acre farm property with three different residential cabins all within 50-200ft of each other. The main cabin on-site has the Wifi Router and Modem. I am fairly inexperienced with this, so please bear with me.


I need help figuring out how to make strong WiFi available for essentially the whole property. What steps should I take to make this happen?


Thank you!

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I assume you have power in the each of the cabins and there is not available conduit?

All three cabins have power. Two have available conduit, one does not.



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If you have conduit then trying to get cabling to connect each location and then put an AP would be the best option.  If you can get conduit to the third then you may need to look into setting up a Point to Point Mesh.

Get an outdoor AP setup on both cabins, point them towards each other and look into creating a mesh.  With some of the AP models you can then use the RJ45 port to pull an indoor AP.  

Might be best to have someone come do a site survey.  It doesn't take much to interfere with a wireless point to point connection.  Oh yea, and one thing that bit me in the past.  Keep in mind trees grow.  Don't be surprised if it works now and then a tree limb grows and messes things up in the future.

Kind of a big deal

What is the distance of the conduit route? If its over 100 meters (~300ft) likely you will need to go Fiber and if doing that you will need more equipment

Kind of a big deal

There are a lot of variables involved with this.  There is a pretty good chance there are going to be some fibre runs.  It's not going to be cheap.  So their is potential for an expensive mistake.


Personally, I'd find a local Cisco partner to help with this one. 

@MC042191 is there a chance you could supply a satellite photo from google maps or something of what we are working with as that would be a big help.


If you could label the cabins on the photos 1-5 and then explain cabin 1 has power and conduit etc



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