iPSK without RADIUS

Kind of a big deal

iPSK without RADIUS

I'm using the "iPSK without RADIUS" feature and have around 2000 iPSKs in use now (supported limit is 5000).


What we are finding is after we create an iPSK, we have to reboot the MRs before it works.  Currently sitting on 29.5, although I see 29.5.1 just came out.


Is anyone else using this feature, and having a similar issue?

Kind of a big deal

There are many iPSK, I know it's not the topic, but will it become scalable over time? wouldn't using 802.1x be a better solution for your case?

I need to use iPSK to use the "Personal Network" feature.  They use an iPSK per room.



I talked to them about using RADIUS (for iPSK), but they didn't want to spend the money ... and it is not likely they'll grow beyond this (would need to build more rooms).

Not quite your issue , but have seen a couple of things.


I actually have a case where I tried to change one of the PSKs in a running network , and it would not let me. Support told me I had too many PSKs in one SSID (not WPN, but the normal iPSK solution, but below the max, so I dont understand that answer - I think I have around 20 keys on one SSID).


But I have actually seen previously when creating iPSKs in a WPN network using API that sometimes the API did not return a "wifiPersonalNetworkId" key. So that PSK did never get a proper config. I think it has been cleared up recently.

But your problem does sound strange (I dont have THAT many keys in my WPN network, but I will keep an eye out).

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