Strange DNS Problems

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Strange DNS Problems

I have a DNS problem in a network of 500 users, some devices connect to the wifi in one of the ssid and after connection ok they use chrome that tells them the dns did not respond i check the logs in meraki and see "DNS server did not respond".

I'm using google and but for some reason it gives me this errors but I can use a computer and ping and no problem but can't get dns in chrome our other web browser.


I still don't know what the problem is but changed dns to and solved all the dns problems

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Is The Client IP assignment  NAT mode or Bridge mode?

Kind of a big deal

@NunoFlora : Check this thread


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Kind of a big deal

If you use nslookup, can you resolve a DNS name?


Chrome changed over to using DNS over HTTPS at some stage, so it may not be sending DNS queries as you think.  I think it was optional initially and then became the default.  You could try a test and disable DNS over HTTPS on one machine and see if that changes the problem. 


Are you using any third-party filtering software, either for DNS or HTTPS?

I would also mention DNS over TLS as a possible problem. Try to do a trace route anc check for rules that block traffic to the DNS Server/s.

Another thing that might be required at some point is DNSSEC, give a chance. (Cloudflare is of course a good one, too, but not in terms of security and threat defending)

@MerryAki I have to agree with you here.


My thoughts:

If he can ping successfully, but can’t visit web pages through browsers; then we know the issue lies with “host names not resolving”.

I would capture the DNS traffic and find out where it’s getting dropped. Then check the ACL to see if DNS traffic is allowed on port 53. Cheers!

I still don't know what the problem is but changed dns to and solved all the dns problems

Or try preselecting Google or Cisco Umbrella DNS

But yes, cloudflare is performing better ✌️

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