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Sponsored guest reporting

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Sponsored guest reporting

We have the sponsored guest feature enabled and configured. Is there a way to report who connected to the sponsored guest and who approved it?


Thanks for any advice.

Kind of a big deal

Re: Sponsored guest reporting

I don't know the answer.


Two things I would check:

1. Try looking under "Wireless/Splash Logins".

2. The event log.


Getting noticed

Re: Sponsored guest reporting

Not entirely sure I'm thinking of the right thing, but you can look here for registered users on your network:


Network Wide -> Users


Select the SSID.


There is a list of usernames, when they registered, who authorized the registration. 


Not sure if this is what you were after.

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Re: Sponsored guest reporting

PhilDAth: This looks like the correct location but there is nothing displayed even though I know that there have been users authorized today.



Rudi: This looks like manually added users and the Wireless they can access.


Neither shows active "Sponsored Guest" users.


Thank you 

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Re: Sponsored guest reporting

Thanks All I have confirmed with Meraki Support. This is not currently available. I have added a feature request. 

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Re: Sponsored guest reporting

Hey Phil,


Have you got any replies from Meraki on your feature request?


We are deploying sponsored access for a client and that feature would be quite helpful.

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Re: Sponsored guest reporting

I agree that this is a critical admin feature that should be available. The Sponsored guest feature creates a control to govern access. It is a bit confusing why you can't find out who approved the request and the name & email address of the requester. This is basic audit information. It should be available.



Re: Sponsored guest reporting

Rudi, when i go to 'Network-Wide', 'Users', the only thing I see are the names of the Meraki administrators. 

Is there any new information on this request? This is most helpful so that we can audit facilities that abuse the wireless Guest network. 

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