Regarding Less Upload /download speed on MR70 via

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Regarding Less Upload /download speed on MR70 via



I am using two products MR70 and MR46 for end users. Whenever I check internet speed via remaining connected on MR 46, I am getting Excellent upload/download speed(200 Mpbs plus on both).  


But When i connect over MR70 i get just 50 to 60 Mpbs Upload/download speed.


ISP is same and having sufficient Bandwidth and utilizes not more than 20 to 30 percent of total bandwidth.


I have tested internet link with various client but results always remain same.


I thought there might be some issue with Local LAN/cable where MR70 is connected so for further troubleshooting i just interchanged one of the MR46 with MR70 and connected with same Ethernet SW and same cable but there is no any improvement in speed . The internet speed always getting lower in respect of MR46.


Any further suggestion would be highly appreciated

Kind of a big deal

Is the client connecting on the same band on both AP models?

yes Same band 5Ghz

Kind of a big deal

I don't know if I need to point this out - but the MR70 is a basic 2x2:2 AP, while the MR46 is a far more premium 4x4:4 AP.


I would expect the MR46 to perform better,

yes That is correct. Also the Power level is showing Low while checking in RF Spectrum. I have checked this for low power but as per TAC there is bug and no ETA is available. This can be one of the reason

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Maybe your wifi outdoor profile is set to 20Mhz channel or even 2.4ghz only? 


When connected to mr70 what channel and band is you client using

I used to connect on 5Ghz. Please refer radio setting on MR70





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