Need information related to RTSP solution instead of our Meraki Cloud Archive Camera Solution

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Need information related to RTSP solution instead of our Meraki Cloud Archive Camera Solution

Customer wants to install cameras and does not want to use the Cloud Archive Solution from meraki and wants to store the footage in his office using the RTSP solution. Could you please recommend me some Hardware that we can offer the customer based on previous use cases and he can store the footage from 6 Cameras in this hardware?


Do we need anything else or only a hardware device to do this storage?


Looking forward to your reply. 


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Kind of a big deal

What if I need longer storage?

When set to 24/7 recording, MV21 and MV71 cameras have a limit of 20 days of storage, and the 22X and 72X have a limit of 90 days. However, the Meraki dashboard provides a set of optimized retention tools for all models of MV cameras, which can extend retention well beyond 20 days. With motion-based retention enabled, cameras will record the most recent three days in their entirety as a precaution; after that, cameras will intelligently trim out and discard segments of video which contain no motion. Depending on the recording environment and the amount of motion seen by each camera, customers may see beyond 90 days of retention in some cases. Schedules can also be set, which will affect the retention period accordingly. The dashboard provides a real time read out for each camera of expected retention based on real data from that camera averaged over the last week.

You also now have the option of using Cloud Archive on select cameras for continuous 24/7 recording for 30, 90, 180 or 365 days. Read the datasheet and this article to learn more.

For customers in Europe or areas with strict storage maximums, the dashboard also provides a setting to automatically discard footage after one or more days.

Finally, if the recording options on Dashboard and Cloud Archive are not the best solution, we also have External RTSP, which allows the footage to be sent to a 3rd party system. Read more here.

Hi Alem, thank you for the reply. I already went through these links before I posted my question. I wanted to know what hardware as storage device I can offer the customer for MV72 x 6 Cameras. Which are the manufacturers and probalby part numbers for that. Also what all configurations are to be done for it to be made possible. There are no videos on youtube showing that to us.

Consult your Meraki sales representative. I think It's the best way.

They kind of consult us in such cases. This is why my question landed here. 😞

Kind of a big deal

I've never had anyone ask to use an on-premise RTSP storage.  Cloud Archive is different - that is off-premise storage.


The cameras already store the footage on-premise on SSD built into them?  Why would they want a second copy?  And even if they had a second copy, how would they access/search/use the stored video?

They need a second copy, so that just in case if they miss out on something what is saved on solid state. Becasue the solid state only saves what they are configured for  eg: Movement based recording etc. But through RTSP you get 24/7 footage without interruption

Kind of a big deal

You would need an alternative CCTV system that supports RTSP streaming, however I have not been successful in getting Meraki cameras RTSP stream to work with any CCTV software, I suspect its because the way the URL is formatted. I've only been able to get it to work with video software like VLC. 


Support might be able to offer some guidance.

Hi Blake,


It is ok for us to use VLC or Windows Media Player to do that. Could you please advice what kind of Storage you used for this purpose? We are in this case talking about 6 Outdoor Cameras MV72. I would need a step by step guide on what is the possible storage that I  can use for this purpose and from which manufacturer.  Also how can I do the step by step configuration for it.

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